Managing Player Permissions

This page will show you the basic commands to set user ranks and grant/revoke permissions.

First of all, when you make changes to your ranks_config.json file, you can simply use the command perm.reload to reload the configuration rather than restarting the server everytime.

How to set user ranks ?

In order to set a user rank you can use the command perm.setrank. The command syntax is perm.setrank <username/steamid>. Here's some examples :

perm.setrank TeK admin
perm.setrank TeK user
perm.setrank 76561198127513494 vip

How to grant/revoke permissions ?

If you have all your ranks ready but you just want to give a few extra permissions to a specific user, you can use the perm.grant and perm.revoke commands. The commands syntax is perm.grant <username/steamid> <permission> (same for revoke) Here's some examples :

perm.grant TeK worldprotection.*
perm.grant TeK *.*
perm.grant TeK myplugin.commands.hi
perm.revoke TeK myplugin.commands.hi
perm.revoke 76561198127513494 myplugin.commands.hi

RDS Built in permissions list

RDS by default have a few permissions available for its built in features. Here's the list of them.

  • chat.say - Send messages in the chat. Even without it players can use chat commands.

  • chat.kick - Admin command used to kick users from the server.

  • chat.ban - Admin command used to permanently ban users from the server.

  • chat.unban - Admin command used to unban someone with his steamid.

  • anticheat.bypass - Bypass the anticheat punishments.

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