Configuring your server

Here we will explain you how to edit the config files to change the behaviour of your server or the punishments/settings of our anticheat.

RDS currently has 2 config files : - rds_config.ini - anticheat_config.ini - ranks_config.json

The rds_config.ini file contains the main server configuration such as your server name, the maximum players, if PVP is enabled and more. The anticheat_config.ini file contains the anticheat configuration, However we highly recommend you to keep it as it is by default or contact us if you have any problem. If you are experimented, you'll be able to change punishments, thresholds/tolerances & enable/disable modules.

How to edit the .ini config files ?

How to edit the .json config files ?

The ranks configuration file uses the JSON file format as it is way easier to add new ranks, configure permissions per ranks and chat prefixes/suffixes.

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