Player Permissions

This page will help you with checking if a player has a said permission or a group of permissions with wildcards.

RDS have class extensions to Network_Player and CSteamID. This means you can just call for example class.HasPermission() on them. Examples :

Network_Player player;
    // The player have the permission.
    // The player does not have the permission.
    // Here you might want to send them a chat message saying they don't have access.

Permissions also supports wildcards, which means if a plugin have all its permissions starting with worldprotection for example, you can just give all permissions with worldprotection.*. Example :

Network_Player player;
    // This will be true in any of the following cases :
    // The user have worldprotection.* permission.
    // The user have *.* permission.
    // Or the user just have worldprotection.test permission.

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