CLI based Distro: Installing your server

Installing a Raft Dedicated Server on Linux is a bit more complicated than Windows but if you have some basic knowledge of linux you can probably do it.

RDS is really easy to install as it is a single application named RaftDedicatedServer.exe that you can download on our master website available here.

This tutorial has been written for Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS. It should work on most other debian based linux distributions. When it comes to other distro families like Redhat, Arch, ... you will need to adapt the commands.

This guide is for Distros that only have a command line interface. If your distro does provide a user interface you should check the other guide.

How to install ?

There's two ways to install RDS on linux, you can either use our automated script or follow our step by step tutorial. If you don't really know what you are doing, we recommend you to use our automated script.

1 ) Upload all the Raft game files onto your server.

2) Download RDS from here and put it into your server directory.

3) CD into your RDS directory

4) Download our bash script into your RDS directory. ( wget ) 5 ) Run the command sudo chmod +rwx ./

6 ) Launch the installation with sudo ./ 7 ) Now to run your server execute the following command sudo ./ 8 ) Now that your server "should" be working, in order to let it run 24/7 when you close the terminal, you can use tmux with the commands below. Launching the server : sudo tmux new-session -d -s RDS 'sudo ./'

Connect to the tmux session: sudo tmux attach-session -t RDS To leave your tmux session without killing it press CTRL+B then D

Heres a useful cheatsheet if you need help with tmux:

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