Introducing RTCP (Our custom networking layer)

RTCP stands for RaftTCP. We built our own networking layer to not rely on steam networking. Instead we rely on the TCP/IP technology to provide a stable and fast networking.

RTCP is currently in Alpha and might have some bugs, however during our testing phase it was working perfectly fine and is way faster than steam networking.

As said above, RTCP relies on the TCP/IP(*) protocol, this allows us to provide dedicated servers without using Steam Networking and without being limited on the bandwidth etc.. As we are using a different networking layer than the original game, vanilla users(*) won't be able to join dedicated servers that uses this networking layer. As we don't rely on the steam services anymore, we needed a way to verify that users aren't using a pirated version and that they really own the account they are trying to join the server with. That's why when using RTCP you will need a Steam Web API Key which will allow your server to ask steam for authentication verification. Side Note : The steam API also have some benefits as it will allow you to reject users that are VAC banned, Publisher banned or users using family sharing.

* Vanilla Users : Users that are playing the original game without Raft Mod Loader. * TCP/IP : (Transport Control Protocol) provides reliable data transmission service with end-to-end error detection and correction.

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